John D. McKellar
Luigi Ferrara
Rob Brouwer, Casey Chisick, Luigi Ferrara, Rob Mason, Karen Thomson, Martha Tory


Director of Finance + HR
Lisa Hamel
Director of Development
Mary Koutsoubos
Director of Communications
Brad Lepp
General Manager
Tania Senewiratne
Director of Production
LJ Savage

Senior Manager of Patron
and Operations Services

Karen Turner

I.T. Manager
Fernando Arriola

Building Operations Manager
Kevin O'Connor


Tessitura Administrator
Adrian Karmel

Sheila Kearney Miller (on leave)

Operations Services Coordinator
Mimi Warshaw

I.T. Systems Analyst
Niklass Stanko


Café Manager
Brian Butler

House Technicians
Natalie Kirk
Colton Stang
Ashton Vetter
Daniel Sinclair


Patron Services Assistant

Katherine Beaulieu

Patron Services Supervisor
Christopher Hackett


Senior Patron Services Representatives
Emily Pettet
Bridget Ori

Patron Services Representatives
Hannah Crawford, Brianna Gorsline, Rui Martins, Emily Menary,  Julianna Romznyk, Brandon Schwartz, Skye Thureson, Alex Verkade


Floor Captains

Melissa Allen, Marnie Alloi, Gaby Grice, Jennifer Krukowski, Jessie Park-Wheeler

Kathryn Aiken, Saumya Arora, Calum Csunyoscka, Shaneill Floyd-Wlaziak, Jeffrey Johnson, James King, Anna Mallard, Matthew Mclaren, Denise Nicholson, Alan Shonfield, Bandana Singh, Curtis Te Brinke, Emily Templeton, Andrea Tomonko


Café Staff
Miriam Ahmad, James Banyard, Rafael Daunt, Leah Douglas, Dilhum Imtiaz, James King, Jim Lowe, Kwaku Okyere, Kaitlin Sealy, Archie St. Louis

The Young Centre also acknowledges and appreciates - Our fantastic legion of volunteers for their continued support. To enquire about volunteering, please email

Young Centre for the Performing Arts
50 Tank House Lane
Distillery Historic District
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4

The Young Centre Box Office is located in the Atrium and is open Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm to 8pm and one hour prior to a Sunday or Monday performance.

Phone Number: 416.866.8666


For information about any of the following, please email the appropriate Young Centre Department:

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