The Young Centre for the Performing Arts seeks continually to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone, and pledges to treat all visitors with the utmost respect and dignity. We ask that visitors reciprocate the same in their treatment of our employees, artists, volunteers and other guests.  

With this in mind, discrimination or harassment of any kind, whether based on race, colour, national origin, religion, creed, gender identity, age, physical, mental or developmental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology or any other reason, will not be tolerated.

The Young Centre reserves the right to expel from the premises, any person who demonstrates violent, discriminatory, or harassing language and/or behavior; and to refuse admission to anyone who has violated these conditions during previous visits.

Theatre Guidelines and Ettiquette

Latecomers & Re-Entry

Out of respect to other patrons, latecomers will not be seated until a suitable break in the performance and for some productions may not be admitted. Please plan to arrive early enough to collect tickets and settle into the auditorium. If you need to leave the auditorium during the show you will not be allowed to re-enter until a suitable break.

Cameras and Recording Devices

The use of cameras or sound-recording devices of any kind is prohibited.  Any person using an unauthorized recording device will be required to surrender or erase any recordings, photographic or digital images and may be asked to leave.  No refunds will be issued.


The Young Centre for the Performing Arts is a smoke and vaping free environment.


In consideration of other patrons please consider the following:

  • Avoid unwrapping candies and cough drops during the performance.
  • Avoid talking, coughing, humming, rustling programmes during the performance.
  • Remain in your seat until the performance has completely ended and the house lights have been turned on.
  • Turn off all cellular phones, alarm watches and beepers.

We Share the Air - Go Scent Free

Please refrain from wearing any scented personal products whenever you are attending  performances at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts.  Please keep in mind that our patrons’ and employees’ comfort and health can be compromised by the presence of scents in our environment that trigger the various symptoms associated with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.