Visit our café/bar in the Young Centre atrium!

A full-time Café/Bar which offers delicious food and beverages to all visitors to the building. Join us for a light meal and drinks before the show. Save time at intermission by pre-ordering your refreshments.*

* For applicable shows with intermissions, some exceptions apply. See cafe for details.


Monday - Friday: 11 a.m. to final performance intermission (if applicable) - Kitchen closes at 8 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. on days without performances.

Saturday & Sunday: Open 1 hour before show time until the final performance's intermission (if applicable.)


Alcoholic Drinks

The Young Centre Cafe offers an exciting list of wines, local beer, and spirits to enjoy with your favourite show.

Note: All prices include tax.

Wine - 5oz pour


Aligote - $10.00
House White - Chateau des Charmes, Niagara Peninsula (VQA)

Pinot Grigio - $10.00
La Delizia, France

Sauvignon Blanc - $12.00
Creekside, Niagara Peninsula (VQA)

Prosecco - $12.00
La Gioiosa, Italy

Chardonnay (Oaked) - $14.00
Bernard Griffin, Columbia Valley


Cabernet Franc - $10.00
House Red - Featherstone, Niagara Peninsula (VQA)

Tempranillo - $10.00
Torre de Barreda, Spain

Rose - $10.00
Chateau des Charmes, Niagara Peninsula (VQA)

Pinot Noir - $12.00
Domaine de Bachellery, France

Syrah - $14.00
Bernard Griffin, Columbia Valley


On Draft

$8.50/16oz (pint) | $5.50/10oz (½ pint)

Steamwhistle Pilsner
Toronto, On - 5%

Beau's Lug Tread
Vankleek, On - 5.2%

Cans & Bottles
(selections may vary)

Audio Visual Lager, Collective Arts - $8.50
Hamilton, On - 473ml - 4.9%

Guava Gose, Collective Arts - $8.50
Hamilton, On - 473ml - 5.2%

Munich Lager, Von Bugle - $8.50
Toronto, On - 473ml - 5.0%

County Brown Ale, Wellington Brewery - $8.50
Guelph, On - 473ml - 5.0%

Porter, Collective Arts - $8.50
Hamilton, On - 473ml - 9.0%

Mill Street Organic (Lager), Mill Street - $6.00
Toronto, On - 355ml - 4.2%

Tankhouse Ale (Amber Ale) , Mill Street Brewery - $6.00
Toronto, On - 473ml - 5.2%



Brickworks Cider 1904 - $8.50
Toronto, On - 473ml - 5%

Brickworks Rose Cider - $8.50
Toronto, On - 473ml - 5%


We offer a full range of spirits and mixed drinks. Visit our bar before show time for more details!

Coffee & Espresso Beverages

Whether you’re on stage or in the audience, we help to fuel the theatre with delicious coffee and espresso beverages!

Note: All prices include tax.

Latte $5.50/large / $4.50/small

Cappuccino $5.50/large / $4.50/small

Americano $3.95/large / $3.25/small

Espresso $3.25

Mocha $6.25/large / $5.25/small

Cortado $4.25

Hot Chocolate $4.75/large / $3.95/small

Sloane Tea $2.60/large / $2.35/small
(please see cafe for tea selection)


We offer a light menu whether between rehearsals or on the way to show! Please note, because food isn’t allowed inside the theatres, we stop serving food 20 minutes before show times. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note: All prices include tax.


Roasted Beef - $9.99
Tender roast beef, horseradish aioli, ciabatta bun

Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper - $9.99
Free-range chicken, roasted red pepper tapenade, ciabatta bun

Ham & Swiss - $9.99
Applewood smoked ham, emmental cheese, ciabatta bun

Roasted Vegetable* - $9.99
Roasted zucchini & eggplant, hummus, roma tomato, sweet potato, ciabatta bun

BBQ Banh Mi Wrap** - $8.99
Barbeque tofu, pickled vegetables, black sesame cilantro, avocado

Sweet Potato & Hummus Wrap* - $8.99
Chickpea hummus, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli

*Vegetarian, **Vegan


Kimchi Rice Bowl* - $9.99
Brown rice, egg, toasted soybeans, broccoli, pickled vegetables, enoki, kimchi dressing

Moroccan Couscous* - $9.99
Moroccan couscous, cashews, dates, apricot, tomato, parsley

Coconut Curry Quinoa - $5.00
Black quinoa, red pepper, sweet potato, bok choy, ginger, green curry dressing

Chicken Almond Thai - $5.00
Chicken breast, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, bamboo, pepita, Thai dressing


We also offer a selection of baked goods. Visit the cafe for more details!

Consider hosting a private dinner at the Young Centre!
Our in-house catering can prepare a customized menu for any event – from a breakfast meeting to a sit-down dinner. Email for a quote.

The Young Centre also works with a list of preferred caterers who provide quality food services and are familiar with our facility.